Fraud With New Samsung Devices...Ouch!

Fraud With New Samsung Devices...Ouch!

Many wholesalers have unknowingly bought and sold new Samsung devices only to find out that they, and their customers, were victims of fraud. Here’s how it works:

1. Someone with a wireless carrier business account buys 50 S24’s with an agreement that they’ll have them activated on the carrier for a year to offset the cost of the equipment.

2. The business receives the devices then sells them immediately.

3. After the original buyer doesn’t pay the bill from the carrier, the new “owner” of this equipment sells them to their client only to find out that they cannot be activated or are deactivated a few weeks after being used!

4. They are also finding this happens when the original person/business agrees to trade in their “old” devices to offset the cost…then doesn’t follow through after receiving the new phones.

Don't be a victim of fraud! A GSMA check won’t catch it. Neither will running the IMEI on the Samsung database. One solution without breaking the seal on the device is to run the IMEI against the Samsung Knox Database or a Carrier Financial Check.

Yes, we offer both solutions and have found thousands of IMEI’s in this situation, helping to save our clients a truckload of embarrassment, time, and money. While it may not catch 100% of all fraud, it’s a big step in the right direction.

Let us know if we can run some of your problem IMEI’s or if you’ve found other solutions to this growing problem. The more we learn and share as a community, the more we protect our clients and ourselves. 😎
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