About Us

From the earliest days of cellular phones, the Device Forensic team has been an interictal part of this industry. Our founders were the first to work with wireless carriers creating a buyback process that enabled businesses to securely sell their devices and ensuring data deletion. Later when blacklisting, financing, MDM’s and FMI’s came to be the norm, the team shifted over to IMEI identification to help themselves and others in the world of wireless sales.

From here the Device Forensic business was created. Ensuring that clients could accurately identify model specifications and potential issues became our primary goal. Over the past few years we’ve brought on some of the largest wireless aggregators worldwide. Individual portals, custom built API and the ability to tailor data to exactly what you need are just a few of the reasons to utilize this industry leading service.

With team members located across the US and around the world were ready to help your operations team exceed target goals by supplying accurate data, helping lead to decreased costs and maximum profitability!