Professor of IMEI's!

Not All Superhero's Wear Capes

GSX, FMI, MDM, GSMA, MPN, SIM Lock, VZ, TM, AT&T, IMEI. If these acronyms are important to you, this is the place all that data (and more) is available!

Our team of mad scientists are continually coming up with new IMEI services changing the landscape of how the secondary market values their devices.

We were cracking up after taking this picture! (We had to make it into a scene from a comic). 💥 🚀 Those scribbles actually outline a number of new services that are once again going to change the way IMEI's are diagnosed to ensure your devices have the highest possible value and protected from returns!

You could be a part of the success story. 💪 Reach out to see what happens in the next issue.  Excelsior!

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